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Celtics Bust Wizards’ Tricks

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Lucky number seven straight for the Boston Celtics after a crazy overtime game against the Washington Wizards. Final score of 130-125, this game went back and forth all night long and it definitely came down to those final minutes from Kyrie Irving. Now I didn’t catch the game until the fourth quarter (because I was at work), but apparently Kyrie did not have a good start, but he clearly blew up at the end.

With 38 points and seven assists, Kyrie was phenomenal in overtime play, especially with those back-to-back three pointers that were absolutely crucial to keeping the lead against John Wall and the Wizards. Confidence is key to playing this game and Kyrie had more than plenty and I can’t wait to see him use that to his advantage later on in the season.

Marcus Smart has to be the player of the game though. Being in the starting lineup Smart is making amazing plays with spin moves and three pointers, playing in every position and proving himself worthy of them. I love this, you have to have at least one player be able to pick up the slack of some other positions but being great in every position is even better and Smart is consistently doing it.

Celtics will prepare for an 8th straight win on Friday against the Atlanta Hawks and hopefully keep that streak as it is the longest current streak in the NBA right now 🤞🏼


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