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Celtics Break Losing Streak

Written by Connor McLoughlin

After a four-game losing streak, the Boston Celtics have finally broken it with an eleven-point win over the Washington Wizards. Final score being 107-96 the Celtics were up and down once again, and the losing streak looked like it was going to extend to five games multiple times throughout the night.

What I thought was great about tonight’s game though, was that the ball was being possessed by everyone on the court and I believe that is what lead to this victory tonight. Involving everyone is a major as pec tot the game and I thought that it was weird that Kyrie and Hayward weren’t taking too many shots, but that’s beside the point.

Another aspect of the game tonight was the defense; it was fantastic! Jaylen brown was sacrificing his body to block shots in addition putting emphasis on the ball and making sure it never left his possession. I think we would all like to see this Celtics team be 300% more aggressive throughout the entirety of their games.

Overall, I think that the Celtics need to take this win and learn from it, to the point where they can make a statement so that the rest of the East can start worrying. The Celtics won’t get too far if they play like they have been playing the previous four games.


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