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Celtics Are the New Wolfpack

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Celtics Are the New Wolfpack

With a final score of 115-102 the Celtics have an EXPLOSIVE start with Terry Rozier in the starting lineup because Kyrie Irving is currently out with an eye injury… Everything went well tonight, and I have to say that Hayward is BACK (maybe).

Gordon Hayward had his best game with the Celtics tonight with scoring 35 five points off the bench and he was shooting from all angles and it was amazing! However, this does not mean that Hayward is back; the man looks fat, he still isn’t starting, he has a third daughter on the way and he is probably is stressed af! I’m excited to see how this game motivates Hayward in their upcoming games over the next couple of weeks.

Scary Terry was also great tonight scoring 16 points starting in place of Kyrie. Rozier knew this was his time to step up in place of Irving and I think he did, he came through where he needed to be, and it worked, I don’t think anything felt forced form what I saw tonight. If Rozier keeps this level of play up and proving his worth for the Celtics, he (hopefully) will have his contract extended at the end of the season.

Also, the Celtics have swept the Timberwolves in their season series for the fourth year in a row!


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