Celebrate Goku Day With Goku Obliterating Android 13

Written by Cory Vega

For those of you wondering why today is Goku day, it isn’t the anniversary of Dragon Ball or DBZ. Its simply because the Japanese translations for the numbers 5 and 9 translates to “Go” and “Ku”. Pretty self-explanatory. Toei Animation applied for the day to be recognized and Japan, of course, approved it. So today is the perfect excuse to binge classic Dragon Ball, DBZ, GT, or DBS.

There are so many classic moments in Dragon Ball that showcase how fucking awesome Goku is, but this one moment in the underrated DBZ movie Super Android 13 shows it perfectly. Vegeta, Gohan, and Trunks, the other Saiyans, are out of commission, and Piccolo shouts to Goku to unveil the true Super Saiyan’s power while powering up a spirit bomb with Earth’s energy, which you can’t do because you have to have a pure, good heart when charging it, and becoming a rage-filled Super Saiyan changes that. So what does Goku do with that energy? Fucking destroy 13.

Thee DBZ movies aren’t always perfect, knowing they take a lot of tropes from the TV series, but the animation and flow are so righteous. So I implore you, grab a beer tonight and watch some DBZ on this spectacular day we call Goku day.

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