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CeeDee Lamb Calls Out Harrison Smith For “Choking The Shit Out of Him”

Written by austenlange

The Cowboys proved to be victorious this past weekend even without star QB Dak Prescott. Young stud wide out Ceedee Lamb was quoted on the sideline saying, “This man was choking the shit out of me while I’m on the sideline.”

RJ Ochoa on Twitter: "CeeDee Lamb said on the Dallas Cowboys sideline that  Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith was “choking the (bleeped) out” of  him last Sunday. Smith was not penalized and

You can see in the video clear as day that Harrison “Hitman” Smith threw his forearms under Lamb’s chin and tried to choke him. This is the kind of behavior the NFL says they don’t tolerate but even on Wednesday morning Smith has face zero repercussions for his actions Sunday night.

What I don’t get it is this. The league officials act as if they really care about player safety and well-being all while letting shit like this fly. The NFL is full of hypocritical people who really only want a check, AND THAT IS FINE! Just be transparent in your decision making and stop with this half assed attempt at player safety.

As far as Harrison Smith goes, this isn’t new. Smith has always been a massive idiot when it comes to his ability to not cause personal harm to other players. Smith acts as if he’s the victim in these situations, as he says “It’s just how I play football.” Bullshit buddy, you can’t go out and target players, and try and cause them bodily harm and act like you’ve done no wrong.

Harrison Smith is a bafoon, and needs to be punished.

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