CCNP Decomposition Course Learning Guidance

Routing Part (BSCI — Building Scalable Cisco Interconnection)

The first course of CCNP spoto dumps online is routing. The main contents include mastering advanced IP routing theory and the application of extended IP address, learning to configure OSPF, EIGRP, IS-IS, BGP routing protocols and optimized routing updates, mastering the redistribution scheme between different routing protocols, and mastering how to apply various routing protocols in scalable large-scale networks.

In the process of learning, it is very necessary to have a deep understanding of theoretical knowledge. I hope you can really understand the operation process of routing protocols through teachers’ explanation, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of different routing protocols through summary and induction.

Switching Part (BCMSN — Building Cisco Multi-level Switching Network)

The main contents of the switching part include learning to organize departments and users through VLAN technology, realize the communication between VLAN through inter VLAN routing, avoiding the loop problem of switching network and effective load balancing through SPANTREE protocol, learning Cisco’s multi-layer switching technology, realizing fast data transmission, learning Cisco’s HSRP protocol, realizing the routing backup of campus network, learning multicast routing protocol, realizing the transmission of multimedia data in the park network, and realizing the QOS management of the park network and the construction of MAN.

In the switching part, it is necessary to understand the products, because Cisco’s switching products have different levels due to different environments. In the future practical application, the selection of products, boards and modules is often the core of the ability of engineers. Therefore, on the basis of mastering the technology through systematic study, it is necessary to often collect, sort out equipment data andimprove your experience. In terms of experiments, students are still required to design experiments by themselves while completing the experiments guided by teachers. At the same time, they should learn to analyze experimental phenomena and discuss experimental results.

Remote Part (BCRAN — Building Cisco Remote Access Network)

The main knowledge points of the remote part include Cisco’s remote switching hardware products, including small ISDN routers and advanced access servers, using modem to connect remote sites and corresponding DDR configuration technology, using ISDN to interconnect enterprise sites and advanced configuration technologies, such as DIALER,PROFILE and backup, using FRAME RELAY to build enterprise network backbone and corresponding data flow optimization technology, using broadband technology to realize Internet access, andbuilding a secure remote connection using VPN. In the process of learning, I hope you can build your own pattern of remote access network, because the concept of WAN itself is very broad. Without a hierarchical architecture, it is easy to be confused in concept, which will make it very passive to learn. Therefore, I suggest you look at the OSI seven layer model again, which corresponds to the wide area network knowledge we have learned.

Troubleshooting Part (CIT — Cisco Internet Troubleshooting)

The troubleshooting part is the part of CCNP learning course with least content, which includes mastering the establishment of network baseline and realizing effective troubleshooting strategies, using professional tools to solve the problems of physical layer and data link layer, using Cisco IOS to solve the problems of TCP / IP protocol, and using systematic methods to solve the problems of each layer in a typical network. Although the content is few, it is indeed a comprehensive investigation of the first three technologies. This part focuses on experiments to establish your own error elimination theory through experiments.


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