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Cavinder Twins Go Viral With Their Mom Katie In New TikTok Video

Written by TrevStone

Twins Haley and Hanna Cavinder have continued to shake the entire Internet up and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

And they also seem to love to feature their mom Katie Cavinder in their TikTok videos.

“Is that your other sister?” the twins captioned their video with the description, “No mom does it better.”

@cavindertwins no mom does it better #foryou #fyp #mom ♬ original sound – Roo

The two twins have also announced recently that they’ve moved into their dream apartment which is a huge step for them. I’m sure they’re not regretting the decision to step away from college basketball as they’re still killing it on social media along with having multiple streams of income including the WWE.

Here is a quick look at the apartment that they have:

@cavindertwins just moved into our dream apartment #foryou #twins #roomies ♬ original sound – anny ✭ sntv

But to be honest they’ve went viral for their looks, creative content, basketball skills, and just around being hard workers. This wasn’t overnight for these girls although it was pretty darn close.

Check out some more of them:

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