Casey Anthony: Daughter Drowned In Pool Woke Up And Her Dad Had Her In His Arms As She Speaks Out For The First Time

Written by TrevStone

We all remember the story all over the news Casey Anthony and her daughter Caylee Anthony whose bones ended up being found near the home of the family. Casey recently spoke for the first time on Peacock and its a must watch.

It goes into the entire story from her lying to what her father did to her growing up. Her mother freaking out at her dad on TV and much more. I’m still unsure on how Caylee died and what Casey Anthonys father did.

During the second episode she admits that when her father walked into the room and shook Casey saying ‘where is Caylee?’ that she started freaking out and looked around everywhere. At that point she was running outside, turned a corner, and that’s where her father George was holding her daughter, dead.

She had drowned.

She ended up running up and holding her. But then her father took her away.

“He took her from me and he went away. I didn’t know where she went and I don’t know what he did. I just want her back. That’s all I wanted this entire time.”

I recommend watching the entire episode. Like I said I’m still unsure about some stuff. Because she has been known as a liar, but it gives a different look at everything. Did George, her dad play a bigger role? Watch it yourself!

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