Case Of The Mondays? Watch This Guy Get His Nose Cut off

Almost every good idea starts with, “Hold my beer”. Then after it happens, it turns out it was not a good idea. Add in a samurai sword and a large hot dog, you’re about to have a bad night. Especially if you’re holding said hot dog in your mouth like this gentleman…

Dear lord…..

I have one question, why? Why would you agree to have your buddy, who clearly has been throwing a few back, try to chop a hot dog from your mouth with a samurai sword? What could possibly go wrong? “Dude, I found this sword. Let’s put a wiener in your mouth and I’ll chop it in half” OK SOUNDS GREAT!!

The spectators are also at fault. They could have stepped in and stopped this from happening. But fuck that, let’s watch this wiener get sliced off from this badass sword. Fuck them, they should all pay for that hospital bill.

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