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Cartoon Child Endangerment: Did the Iron Sheik Just Threaten Caillou?

Written by Mike Rickard II

Has the Iron Sheik finally gone too far? That seems to be the case as the Iron Sheik tweeted the following message towards cartoon character Caillou:

The frightened look on Caillou’s face no doubt reflects his horror at what the Iron Sheik plans to do to him.
The Sheik’s kind words for yours truly

The WWE Superstar has always been known for being brutal in the ring and following his retirement, he’s turned his physical violence into virtual violence, threatening a variety of people via Twitter (myself included). Fans will remember the Iron Sheik’s legendary diatribes against fellow WWE Superstar B Brian Blair in which he threatened to back Blair’s back and make him humble (NSFW kids).

As for Caillou, I have no idea who Caillou was until I read this tweet. According to Caillou’s website:

Meet Caillou, the lovable four year old with a BIG imagination. Join Caillou in his adventures at home, in school & outdoors as he explores the world around him and empowers preschoolers to overcome life’s little challenges.

Something tells me, the four-year-old never imagined having to encounter a 78-year-old madman (and WWE Hall of Famer to boot) intent on ending him in vicious fashion. If the Iron Sheik has any mercy (which I doubt he has given him targeting a four-year-old), he’ll at least load up his famous Arabian boot and knock Caillou senseless before ending him.

This Boot Camp Match between Sgt. Slaughter and the Iron Sheik is a reminder of the Sheik’s vicious nature.

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