Carson Wentz Is Now The Backup, Jalen Hurts Time in Philly

Written by Will

WOW, Doug Pederson is doing it. Pederson is making Wentz the backup and moving Hurts to starter versus the Saints. So now we get Taysom Hill vs Jalen Hurts which should be entertaining as hell. This move comes after Hurts came into the game for Wentz on Sunday. Hurts did throw for 109 yards and one touchdown to go along with one interception. While Wentz threw for 79 yards and got sacked four times. Wentz has struggled this year, throwing for 16 touchdowns but also a league-leading 15 interceptions. It hasn’t all been Wentz’s fault, his offensive line gives him no help. But it was time for a change, this is a team that has lost four in a row and are in the last place of the worst division in NFL history. Should be entertaining at the very least to see Hurts as quarterback number one.

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