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Carson Wentz Is Demanding A Trade From America’s Shithole, Philadelphia | Report via @mortreport

Written by Tony

In a move that absolutely everyone was expecting, Carson Wentz is trying to kill another relationship with a bird in his life. The once proclaimed Ginger Jesus of All Things Wiz, has fallen out of favor in Philadelphia quicker than the likes of good hygiene on a SEPTA trolley before him. It has been close to 3 years since Philadelphia was on top of the football universe, making Tom Brady and the Patriots look absolutely foolish and outsmarted on their way to the crown.

Things in the city of brotherly love have been decimated more than Tristan & Khloe’s relationship after a late night party with treasonous harlot gal-pal Jordyn Woods. Now, I have a unique perspective on Philadelphia, as I went to college just outside of the city, all while my fiancé was in West Philly getting her doctorate for many years. The city I proclaimed as a “shithole” (which it is in comparison to NYC) very much has a soft spot in my heart as I made countless memories there, and have lifetime friends who (willingly?) chose to make a family within the city limits. These are good, hard working people, who live and die with their sports teams, and because of that have a very low tolerance for mediocrity, which I respect. Carson Wentz has been an unmitigated disaster this year, and like a man in a toxic relationship, your friends see it before you do. Every time I spoke about Carson, I would be met with “dude, he has no weapons around him” and countless excuses until they saw Jalen Hurts come into their lives, and they realized the error of their ways.

Unfortunately, it won’t be this simple. It is not like a divorce in which you just have an amicable 50/50 split. This will be far different, speaking only from contractual terms. Carson Wentz will be a dead cap hit of 59 million if he is not on the roster in 2021, and you just absolutely can’t run a franchise like that. I am not sure if you can restructure his contract if he is willing to somehow, but under the current conditions, it is a pipe dream to move Carson.

I don’t know what the right thing is, but it looks as though he is doing everything in his power to not be playing football in Philadelphia in 2021, with Indianapolis as his presumably preferred destination. Another bizarre twist and turn of 2020, but it is becoming apparent that the “Ginger Messiah” is no longer.

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