Carson Wentz Has Been Traded To The Colts

Written by Will

The Eagles have finally given up on Carson Wentz, trading him to the Colts for a third-rounder and possibly a first. The Eagles wanted a Stafford-like return for Wentz. That wasn’t going to happen but hey they might get a first-round pick out of this. Might is the keyword. The Eagles will now look to Jalen Hurts as quarterback number one. The Eagles now have to pay 33.8 million for Wentz to not play on the team. Not good for the birds to say the least. Poor Eagles.

On the Colts side, this trade makes sense. They didn’t give up a lot for Wentz. Even if the draft pick is a first-rounder, it means that the pick will be in the ’20s. Carson Wentz is reunited with Frank Reich. Reich was Wentz’s offensive coordinator in 2017, Carson’s best season. In 13 games in 2017, Wentz threw a franchise-record 33 touchdowns to seven interceptions. Plus led the league in total QBR (78.5) and threw for 3,296 yards. Big difference from the last few seasons for Wentz.

Wentz reuniting with Reich is a big win for both sides. Meanwhile, the Eagles turn to Jalen Hurts at quarterback or could still draft one with the sixth pick.

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