Carmelo Anthony Hints At Dodging Lakers and Signing with Warriors or is he reaching out for help?

Written by TrevStone

Are you kidding me?

There is no way the Golden State Warriors could be pursuing Carmelo Anthony, right?

It wouldn’t surprise anyone though, would it? Golden State could sign him to a very small contract to help Melo get a ring. And he might help the Warriors bench a little. But with players in Golden State always feuding could they handle Melo?

Could the Warriors only be interested because LeBron is interested in Melo?

Either way the reason that I’m suggesting this is because Melo actually tweeted out to a couple Warriors players… But ended up deleting it. Maybe it was a cry for help out a sign that the Warriors are talking to him.

Carmelo Anthony

Why would he delete it though? Do you think Durant or Curry reached out to him and told him it’s best to delete it?

Or was it a cry for help?

The Lakers have yet to pull the trigger on Melo and LeBron keeps talking about it. But it’s looking like it won’t happen. Could this be Melo’s cry out for help… “Hey Golden State, help me get a ring” is what that Tweet should have said.

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