Carlos Correa Will Sign With The Yankees… Book It

Written by schultzyca

Now that Corey Seager is off the board signing a huge $325 million dollar deal over the next ten years (I am sure the Rangers won’t regret it lol) Brian Cashman has to make a hard pivot and be aggressive to sign Carlos Correa. Love it or hate it that is what needs to be done. Unless Anthony Volpe is the second coming of Jesus Christ they need to sign Correa.

The Yankees have done nothing to this point they have swung and miss on every top free agent up until this point. Don’t really think they have missed on anyone because if the Yankees want someone Cashman will get them so there is really no need to panic I think. If Cashman is quiet that must mean there is some plan in place and that could be scary for the rest of Major League Baseball.

You have to figure that Correa will get more than Seager it will be interesting to see where he lands, I would not mind if that means coming to The Bronx.

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