Carla Esparza (@CarlaEsparza1) Defeats Michelle Waterson (@karatehottiemma) By Decision #UFC249

A lot of feeling it out in Round 1 for the Duo. A lot of long shots hardly connecting, but late in the round, Michelle Waterson throws a kick, misses and gets taken down by Esparza to finish the round. I think you give the round to Esparza, but I could be wrong.

The second round started similarly to the first, lots of distant flurries, barely connecting at all. Carla Esparza controlled the round easy with Octagon control, and those two takedown attempts off of kicks. Give another round to Esparza.

It’s more of the same for most of the third round, until 90 seconds left in the fight. Then they finally tee off on eachother, with just fists and kicks aplenty to close out the fight. Where the hell was that the first 2 and a half rounds?

Carla Esparza gets the win by decision, Watch the Flurry below that ends the fight….


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