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#Cardinals Safety Budda Baker Gets KOed After Big Hit from #Rams RB Cam Akers (Video)

Written by Nate

During a blowout in the final NFC Wild Card game this week, the Arizona Cardinals suffered a brutal-and terrifying-blow to their secondary in the third quarter.

Down 28-8 at the time, Cardinals safety Budda Baker sustained a head/neck injury after a hard helmet-to-helmet hit as he was trying to tackle Los Angeles Rams running back Cam Akers.

That hit would knock Baker out cold for a few minutes before a stretcher would take him off the SoFi Stadium field.

Though there is good news to report after the injury as Ari Meirov aka MySportsUpdate on Twitter reported that Baker has movement and feeling of all extremities as he was taken off.

Just awesome news to hear after Baker getting hit like that. It could’ve been a lot worse from what it looked like on video.

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