Cardi B To Host WWE Summerslam, Massive Rumored Main Event Revealed

There has been a lot of chatter surrounding WWE Summerslam this August.

Above all else, Andrew Zarian has been on top of things the most. He is getting credit for the reporting if you ask me. He is the host of the MatMenPodcast and has been crushing it recently with breaking news. Before all the Summerslam hoopla was exclusive details on WWE NXT moving to Tuesdays on the USA Network. Props to him on past stories and especially the bombshell he dropped Friday night.

Cardi B will be the host of WWE Summerslam.

For those that may not be aware, Summerslam was just confirmed to be taking place on August 21st, 2021. A Saturday! Surprising on its’ own considering the majority of WWE pay-per-view events are on Sunday. Even more surprising is the fact that NO location has been announced yet. Usually, the company makes that known very quickly to sell tickets and attract tourists. While Las Vegas is the leading rumor right now with the beautiful new Raiders stadium as the reported venue, there is also a huge boxing fight that same evening. Yes, in Vegas also.

What a mess it seems like. While WWE will announce the venue next Saturday on NBC, it appears this is going to be a night to remember no matter the location.

Not only are we finally getting the long rumored Cardi B/WWE appearance, the same source (Andrew Zarian) is teasing a potential Roman Reigns vs. John Cena main event! Wow. If you need to fill a stadium full of fans, that is how you do it. Cena has obviously been out of the professional wrestling game for awhile now, but this is just the type of story line that would drag him back into the squared circle. With most of his filming obligations finished for a little bit and live fans returning, it all adds up. Star power will be needed and desperately wanted. The WWE Universe is more than ready to stand up, cheer, boo, and go wild again.

What do you think? Cardi B hosting a massive Reigns/Cena showdown? That is the biggest party of the summer.

Let’s hope these rumors are true.

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