Cardi B Announces Her Pregnancy; What About WWE Summerslam? @iamcardib

Written by jwatry

A bombshell was dropped at the BET Awards Sunday night.

I know, I know. I know what you’re thinking: “What the heck are the BET Awards?”

My thoughts exactly. I had no clue and certainly didn’t know they were taking place Sunday night. However, my boss tells me Cardi B is a big deal. Personally, I don’t know if she is a singer, dancer, artist, painter, musician, producer, actress, or the host of the dang thing. I have no idea. Either way, I am told she is a big deal and to write about her anytime she is trending on Twitter. Well, it turns out she was performing during the BET Awards and revealed she was pregnant!


Announcing the news on her social media pages, Cardi B tagged “Offset,” so I assume he is the father? No clue who he is either but hey, this is apparently baby number two for the mama to be, so that is cool. All sarcasm aside, congrats! Nothing more exciting than when you get to announce to the world you are welcoming a little miracle into the world. I have had plenty of friends and family tell me their joyous news and would immediately see their eyes well up and me get all tingly and emotional. It’s always a great feeling. Selfishly though, I am a WWE fan…and Cardi B had been long rumored for August’s big Summerslam pay-per-view event.

Is that still happening? Will she appear on set…or maybe off set?

Alright, all jokes aside, WWE never officially confirmed the rumor. We don’t know if that news was legitimate or just online chatter. Honestly, if she wasn’t going to get physical or have an in-ring match, the pregnancy news really shouldn’t change anything. Summerslam can still play her songs or even have her sing a song or whatever. Cardi B can appear backstage in Las Vegas for the PPV event. None of tonight’s news should alter WWE’s plans too much…assuming there even is a plan for her at Summerslam.

Until anything is made official, congrats again!

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