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Captain Kirk Ready to Hit the Stars: William Shatner Says He’s Ready for Space X

William Shatner (aka the Shat), the man best known for his role as Star Trek’s James T. Kirk (that other guy doesn’t count) is ready to go where no TV spaceman has gone before- into outer space, courtesy of the upcoming SpaceX test flight. cnet is reporting that:

There’s a ready and willing replacement waiting in the wings if NASA astronauts Bob Behnken or Doug Hurley can’t make it on board the SpaceX Crew Dragon for its historic launch next week. Star Trek actor William Shatner has volunteered for the journey to the International Space Station. 

The 89-year-old made his readiness known via Twitter:

The Shat is always ready

The Shat is no stranger to the stars, having logged in millions of light years during his time aboard the Enterprise and the Enterprise-A during his various missions for Starfleet Command. He’s also had first contact with a number of alien species throughout his career (not including Trekkies) and even at age 89, his love-making abilities have to be up to the task should a nefarious alien female need to be seduced. Kirk is also the first person to defeat the unwinnable Kobayashi Maru scenario while the Shat himself has survived three divorces. Add in his legal expertise from five seasons playing Denny Crane on Boston Legal and you have a man for all seasons. If these factors don’t qualify him for command of SpaceX, I don’t know what will.

Surprisingly, the all-male crew is not a dealbreaker for the well-known intergalactic playboy.

One of the astronauts currently scheduled for the flight tweeted back his appreciation:

Just for the record Bob, it’s Admiral, not Captain.

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