Let me open this with the fact I know little about boxing. I watch the big fights and that is it. I am what you call a “casual”. For some this is an insult. I just embrace it. With that said, Canelo Alvarez is anything but casual.

Today at a face off between Canelo and Caleb Plant, all hell broke loose. It all started because Plant called Canelo a “mother fucker”. Now in America, this is a very common insult that isn’t the end of the world. Apparently in Mexico however, you get rocked for saying that. So Canelo gave plant a little shove. After that Plant comes back and throws a punch. Canelo dodges that punch and the counters with the fastest hands I’ve ever seen. Plant gets rocked and now has a cut under his eye.

I have no idea what the odds were on this fight, or what they are now, but Canelos odds should have doubled. If he was -500 he is now -1000. I mean, the guy just won the fight at the face off! Watch the video if you haven’t. I probably won’t watch the fight due to my expectation of Canelo winning in the first 3 rounds, but this was more exciting then anything that will happen in the real fight.


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