Canelo Alvarez Vs Kamaru Usman? Usman Wants That Super Fight

Now UFC 268 is coming up and the fighters are doing interviews and such and with Kamaru he’s going to be on the big platforms. With coming on ESPN there comes hot takes and shit did Usman just drop the hottest of the hot. Now I don’t hate the idea what so ever I actually like it, but what I don’t know is if Usman is serious about the fight and actually winning. This is a big money move that started back when Connor fought Floyd like 5 years ago, it was a huge money move but we all knew who was going to win Connor didn’t have a chance. Kamaru is a different breed though lets be honest, I mean he is #1 PFP in the UFC which Connor never was(he got close at #2 though.) With him being #1 PFP UFC and Canelo being the #1 PFP boxer right now it would absolutely be a huge money fight and super fight but how would Usman hold up?

Usman has a huge title fight he should be more focused on right now though, I know a lot of people are sleeping on Colby but he has a real chance no matter how much he’s hated. I wonder if he loses to Colby does Canelo just laugh off Kamaru? I mean it would make sense if he wrote him off even if he won but with a loss it would hurt the hype in my opinion. If Canelo just wants an easy fight and a quick huge paycheck he should definitely take it, but Canelo is a real fighter and he might be too in the zone to care, he has a title fight this weekend as well. This is a big fight weekend and a big fight in the works but will it happen? I personally don’t think it will happen but you never know.

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