Caleb Plant is fucked plain and simple. Canelo And Caleb got into it at the press conference and canelo looked fucking solid even after a cheap shot thrown at him. Now they were doing the face off and chirping each other and Canelo shoved his ass and Caleb came back with a lil cheap shot you could say and barely fucking landed it. That’s a tough look for bro like you’re already the underdog you’re fighting Canelo and now you throw a slap and you barely get him and then got a quick ass two piece from him. You basically have to bet the fucking house on Canelo this is such obvious proof it’s insane.

Such a tough look having a black eye when you threw the first shot poor guy. I’ll give it to him he must be good at chirping shit to get Canelo out of his character. Canelo is usually calm and composed and Caleb got him mad enough to get a mean ass shove like dayum his ass went like 10 feet. November 6th is going to be a wash, I cannot fucking wait. I’ll say it again bet your home on Canelo, he’s too quick and fast with it there’s nobody beating him. Prime Canelo vs Prime Floyd would be insane but I still take Floyd I don’t care.


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