Can you actually win money from mobile apps?

There are several mobile operating systems. The two popular ones are the IOS and android, used in Apple and Android phones, respectively. Windows operating system is quite popular too. Each of these operating systems has apps configured according to their operations. Today, almost everyone has a cellphone, even children. Now, there are different things various people use their cellphones for. Some use it to communicate with people from different parts of the world on social media. Others use it to play games, make cellular calls, and make money. 

All these and more are possible through mobile games applications. Currently, there are so many betting applications, which you can use to bet on sports or even bet in card games. To know the best applications you can download for betting, go to bestbettingapplications.co.uk. Knowing the awesome apps can change your betting experience for good. Most importantly, you get to make cool cash from it if you win. 

If you are not comfortable with gambling, you’re wondering if you can make money from the apps on your phone. Think no more because you can get money from other kinds of apps. App developers gradually realize that there is so much competition in the app market. The competition has led them to offer more value and rewards to their users to attract more users to themselves. 

How to make money from mobile apps

  • Surveys: Some apps encourage users to engage in their surveys. However, most people might feel that the survey is a way the apps use to waste people’s time. The owners of these apps noticed it. Due to this, a handful of them hosts paid-su surveys for their users.

How does it work? Most times, after the pop-up for the survey and the price attached after finishing it, users are informed to read the terms and conditions and accept if it suits them. Many people tick the box without reading the T&Cs. After the terms and conditions, you must endeavor to answer the questions asked sincerely. If you complete the surveys, the prize will be credited to your account. You can earn cents to a few dollars by successfully carrying out the survey. It is essential to know that you cannot make money from surveys in all apps.

  • Play to Win Money: These applications encourage users to play to win money. These applications are primarily in the form of games. The users play the games and win points or the equivalent that can be converted to cash or gift cards. If you are interested in gambling, there are casino applications that you can bet on and win extra cash if you bet on the right outcome. Similarly, betting apps allow you to bet on your favorite sports alongside other gamblers. You win the price if the odds are in your favor.
  • Investing: Making money from investment apps involves making the first deposit. These apps are mostly cryptocurrency apps. They offer users a bonus when they make their first deposit in the app. Bonuses can be as much as twenty dollars or even more. 
  • Cash-back: These kinds of apps offers users cash-back for transactions they carry out or the ones they’ve previously carried out. These apps sometimes give discounts to people who carry out transactions using their app. However, it is essential to go for only trusted applications if you intend to try out this option, as you will need first to make some transactions with your money. 
  • App tryouts: Some owners pay users for just using their application. They don’t have to do anything much; they just have to use the app. The users can even let it run in the background, accumulating money for them. Usually, apps like this have a minimum withdrawal amount. If you do not use it up to the withdrawal amount, you might not be able to withdraw your money. Since it is all free money, you can give it enough time. 


Your internet-connected device is a treasure that can become your means of survival. Apps are the life power of every device. There are so many ways to make money from the applications on your phone. There are even some that connect you to suitable jobs for you. 

This means you can work anywhere by just having a smartphone. If the ways to make money through the apps on your phone are listed, this article will be endless. The options available are just limitless and accessible for anyone to choose. 

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