Can We Look Into Crapgate? Lamar Jackson Better Admit He Needed To Go To The Bathroom

Written by schultzyca

Give me a break, don’t tell me this was a ‘heroic’ comeback from Lamar Jackson and the Ravens he didn’t have cramps he needed to take a shit plain and simple. The fact that media outlets (ESPN) is trying to make this out to be a Willis Reid moment is so outrageous.

Lamar Jackson is overrated I hate to say it because I like Lamar as a person he seems like a great person but he showed tonight that he may be a little overhyped. I think the NFL should investigate this as a ‘crapgate’ and fine the Ravens organization for whatever they are worth. This is terrible and we need to get to the bottom of whatever happened when Lamar went into the locker room, he cannot tell me he did not use the bathroom.

Gamblers are going crazy though because with the last second safety the Ravens covered so at least that is a positive that can be taken out of the game! But in reality we need to get to the bottom of whatever happened here tonight, it should go down in history as ‘crapgate.’

I mean Lamar Jackson and Paul Pierce are one in the same at this point it is amazing home the Ravens listed Lamar as out with ‘cramps’ we all know what cramps stands for and they act like we are stupid I do not know why that irritates me and Lamar should be ashamed of his actions.

The crazy thing is the Ravens will look back on this game and this probably saved their season. If the Ravens make a deep run in the playoffs this is the game that turned around the ship for them and propelled them for a good run.

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