Can the Nuggets Pull Off a Miracle Win Against Warriors?

Written by Tyler Hazelwood

Can Jokic and company pull together a come-from-behind string of wins?

Disappointing. This is how the NBA world would describe Denver’s showing throughout the first two games of their playoff appearance. In fact, game two showed them making just 42.5 percent of their attempts. Rebounding was down, assists were down, defense was lacking, and on top of that, the Warriors are playing excellent basketball.

Steph Curry from the bench can be just as talented and dynamic as Steph Curry as a starter. In game two, he scored 34 off the bench. No matter what team you root for, the NBA consensus is this: When Curry’s Warriors are on, they’re hard to beat! So the question is, “How can the Denver Nuggets pull off a win?” Betway has all of the odds for this game.

The answer may not be as simple as the Nuggets would like, but they know what the answer is. Nikola Jokic is one of the league’s premier players, but it is so difficult to win at a high level in this game with just one superstar. If the Nuggets want a chance at winning, someone needs to step up as the Robin to Joker’s Batman… nevermind the analogy. Long story short, someone has to perform other than Jokic. The best candidate to do so is Aaron Gordon, but he had a measly 7 points in their last outing.

The only other option for Denver would be if Golden State breaks stride in some way, whether that would be by injury or poor performance. The trio of Curry, Thompson, and Green together, partnered with Jordan Poole is simply too talented for a one man show to defeat, no matter who the MVP candidate is.

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