Can the Cowboys Please sign Cam Newton?

Written by Noah Gagnon

Man, it’s not even 1 o’clock EST, and this is already the second time I’m writing about the cowboys backup QB situation today. I really need to get a life. Anyway, this morning the Cowboys made the move to go with Cooper Rush as the back-up quarterback. WEAK move in my opinion. Dak’s already hurt, so if he goes down and we need to rely on Rush, we might as well pack our bags for Cabo, because there’s no chance me make the playoffs.

But, if Dak goes down and we at least have Cam Newton to replace him, that’s more than serviceable especially considering how shitty the NFC east has been. He can do some stuff with his legs, just like Dak, and hopefully CeeDee Lamb’s ungodly catch radius is enough to overcome the accuracy issue. And we have an offensive GENIUS for a head coach, so he’ll be able to tailor a perfect offense for Cam’s strengths. I’m lying, of course, McCarthy’s a bozo, but hey maybe he gets lucky.

And I could see there being talk of Cam Newton throwing off team chemistry, but it’s the Dallas Cowboys, we’re used to that. The organization is run by Jerry Jones and they sign guys like Greg Hardy and Aldon Smith. Cam won’t cause any problems. Pull the trigger on this one Jerry.

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