Joao Ricardo Viera has a knack for thriving under pressure and where others might crack.

The only thing that cracks in Joao is his big smile after wrapping his riding hand, nodding to open the gate and exploding out of the chute on the back of an 1,800-pound beast…often winning the biggest events in the sport.

As the second round of PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic was completed, fans who packed into the sold-out Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA were treated to a bonus round of the top 15 of the world’s best bull riders competing against the top 15 bulls. It was the second 15/15 battle of the 2020 Monster Energy Unleash The Beast season.

Viera bucked off his pairing with Rocket Man (31-2) during the long round, but he just channeled the frustration in pairing with Foghorn Leghorn (2-1) in the bonus round.

As Viera nodded and Foghorn Leghorn blew out of the chute with Joao finding a solid seat and finally conquering his kryptonite in previous seasons – bulls that buck away from his hand – the pair danced together for 8-seconds for the bonus round winning ride of 92 points after the 8-second whistle blew.

See the ride below:

As the ride shows, it appears that bulls going away from Mr. Majors’s hand are no longer going to buck him off. Instead, he continues to make improvements in this area since last season and should be a solid contender in the world champion race.

It should prove interesting to see if Joao’s momentum from the bonus round win and becoming world No. 1 ranked bull rider after the Sacramento event will carry over to the Oklahoma City event this weekend.