Can Kirk Cousins propel the Vikings?

Written by BadBoiCiCi

Can Kirk Cousins put Super Bowl champion on his resume? If 3 years when Kirk Cousins hangs it up and he starts his investment firm, what will he tell his clients? Will he be able to say he’s a winner and gets it done under the bright lights? Can he tell you that a $35,000,000 investment in his firm gets you where you want to be, or will he show you you a fancy portfolio in October with growth just for the market to correct itself in December?

Kirk Cousins feels different this year. He had a couple of Kirk Cousins games but they haven’t come in abundance like usual. I’m starting to believe in him. After Saturday’s historic comeback against the Colts, he makes me feel that he can get it done. 

He has the best wide receiver in football in Justin Jefferson, a great tight end presence in the middle of the field and a not too shabby running back in Dalvin Cook. He’s setting himself up to get over a hump or let us down per usual. It’s no excuses time for Kirk. 

Purple people eaters are back.

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