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Can Detroit Red Wings Fans Stop Crying About the Draft for Like 2 Seconds?

Written by tRy25

It’s no secret hockey twitter is a cesspool of entitled assholes who think they know everything there is to know about the sport. Their team is perfect, your team sucks, and if you disagree you’re an idiot who probably never played. Good times had by all.

The NHL Draft lottery was a week ago and the 17 win, 39 point, dead last in the NHL (by a laughable 23 points) Detroit Red Wings fell all the way to the 4th overall pick. A tough blow, for sure. Typically if you suck so bad that you’d need to go on a 12 game winning streak while the team above you also has to go on a 12 game losing streak just to get out of last place, you’re a shoe in for the top pick in the draft. But…

Spare me the God damn tears I’ve been seeing for a week straight on Twitter from Red Wings fans. We get it, you lost the lottery. You did what you’ve been doing all year and lost. As a matter of fact, you lost in such fabulous fashion, you didn’t even get in the top 3.

Here’s the thing though guys, you don’t get any trophies for sucking. You don’t get a handout for failing to capitalize on Dylan Larkin’s talent. You don’t get to have nice things after 25 straight years of playoffs. You don’t get rewarded for failing to have a plan for life after Datsyuk and Zetterberg. You handed Justin fucking Abdelkader a 7 year/$30 million contract. You’ve held on to Jimmy Howard for literally no reason instead of moving him for assets. Cry me a river with this crap about you getting screwed in the draft while your organization has basically doused the team in lighter fluid and threw a match on it.

Okay. That was a lot and you’re probably upset. I’ll give you some good news. The past few years there have been some pretty damn good 4th overall picks. Looking at guys like Brady Tkachuk, Cale Makar, Mitch Marner, Seth Jones, and Ryan Johanson in the past decade. Not too shabby of a group there, so keep your head up Detroit.

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