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Can #CamNewton make the playoffs with the new signings to New England?

The New England Patriots have been going crazy in free agency, landing two new starting caliber tight-ends and adding playmakers to the defense. Last year was the first year without Tom Brady and with COVID-19 and the opted outs they had, Bill Belichick still managed to go 7-9. Hunter Henry tops the names among those signed with a new 3-year 37.5 million dollar deal. Everyone who watched any New England Patriot games last season it was clear Cam Newton had no talent around him, not to mention an extremely inconsistent defense. Below are the names they currently have signed and that doesn’t include the new Henry deal.

It’s clear Belichick wants to win as soon as possible, and with the 15th pick in the 2021 NFL draft, he certainly isn’t done. Whether it’s a rookie quarterback or Cam Newton, the Patriots are in good hands for the future. To answer the question if they can make the playoffs, the answer is most definitely. I wouldn’t go super bowl or bust yet but the team has plenty of talent especially in the defensive side of the ball to at least improve on their 7-9 record to a possible 11-6 or 12-5 with the new seventeen game season.

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