Cam Newton to Meet with Carolina Panthers About a Potential Reunion

Written by Noah Gagnon

With Sam Darnold set to go onto the injured reserve this week, the Carolina Panthers find themselves in the market for a new starting quarterback, and they’ve turned to familiar face Cam Newton. Newton is set to meet with the team this week about a potential reunion, and I think this is something we all wanna see.

There’s something about a legendary veteran making his way back home that just really warms the heart. Cam had a solid season with New England, but he just didn’t feel right in those colors, you know? He’s a man who should be in Carolina blue and only Carolina blue. Call me corny, but I just enjoy thinking about Cam walking back into the locker room and reuniting with people like the equipment manager, the secretaries, the athletic trainer (who he probably knows all too well), it’s like a sweet young man finding his way back to his old friends!

Plus, you already know everybody, and their mother is gonna bet the Panthers on a weekly basis if Cam’s back at the helm. It doesn’t even matter how he’s playing, if you see Cam Newton playing starting QB for the Carolina Panthers you’re immediately sent into a time travel vortex where you think it’s 2015 and Cam is playing like the MVP of the league. This is probably just a huge setup by Vegas to take all our money.

Don’t be too nervous about this though, the current Carolina backup is PJ Walker and that guy rules. He was the XFL MVP, and got in a few NFL games last season, and really held his own. Talk about guys that have made you money, I’m pretty sure Houston Roughnecks PJ Walker was the most profitable athlete of my generation in terms of gambling. Watching this guy in the XFL was like watching LeBron in a high school game. Just complete domination.

By the way, I’m typing this blog in the cold and my fingers are cramping. Bloggers are athetes too.

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