This beef between the Lions and Calvin Johnson has gone on long enough. Johnson could go into the hall of fame tomorrow and he won’t even give the Lions the time of day. This argument goes back to 2015 when the Lions asked him to repay part of his signing bonus, which was around $1.5 million. That’s nothing for an NFL organization, just pay the man his money.

Megatron did so many things for this franchise. Outside of Barry Sanders, he’s the greatest Lion ever. Loved by the fans, media, and his teammates. He won’t even talk to the Lions. I can’t blame him, Calvin did so much for this franchise and deserves damn near anything he wants. It is truly pathetic that one of the best players to ever play, won’t even talk to the franchise he played with for nine years. Pathetic on the Lions part, this should have been solved years ago.

How sad is it that Calvin could go into the hall of fame and won’t even care about the team he played for? What makes it worse, Calvin talks about how he would have been happy to give back and be a part of this franchise if this didn’t happen.

How does this look for other players thinking about coming to Detroit? They see that the Lions won’t even treat a legend right after retirement. No shot that they want to come play for the Lions after seeing that. Rob Wood or whoever is making these decisions needs to fix this now.


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