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Calm Down Pistons Fans: Trading Bruce Brown Seems Dumb AF, But It Means Big Moves Are Coming This Week

Written by SpaceGhostChedd

So Bruce Brown was traded early this morning to the ‘Brooklyn’ Nets for some nobody I’ve never heard of and a 2021 second round pick from the Raptors. I myself as both a die-hard ‘Stawns & Canes fan it was very angry at this trade but it made me think if this was because of bigger acquisitions to come this week. Brucey was a fringe PG/SG who never really found a solid role with Detroit and we were pretty much going to try to make him into a PG based on his skill and current roster. There are rumors that we might trade for Russell Westbrook and since we have Derrick Rose, it makes since to move him if that is the end result, or is we are planning to draft a guard in the Draft this Wednesday. I feel like it would’ve been more worth it to trade DRose based on his team-friendly contract and his ability to make an immediate imapact for a contender.

Besides maybe trading for Russ, the ‘Stawns are looking at drafting guards this week and there are even rumors that we might trade up for LaMelo Ball. I don’t believe we will, as we’d probably have to give up more than we can afford, but he’s been training in Detroit all off-season, his pops Lavar said he’d want him on the ‘Stawns, and he hung out with Jalen Rose this past weekend:

I would love LaMelo in Detroit, as it would bring fans to the beautiful new Little Caesar’s Aren, but it makes the most sense to hold on to their assets and draft someone like Killian Hayes at 7, or maybe even trade back for more picks and get Kira Lewis. Either way it’s going to be an exciting week for us Pistons fans. Don’t get too down about the Bruce Brown trade, big things are coming.

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