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Calm Down Everyone, Harden Just Thought the Mask Looked Cool

Written by Will

James Harden arrived in the NBA bubble this week, and he was spotted yesterday wearing a interesting mask.


The mask obviously looks like a Blue Lives Matter mask, which is an interesting choice by Harden to wear, sometimes the blue thin line masks and stickers are associated with going against the Black Lives Matter movement. Of course, this caused a lot of uproar on social media from both sides.

For anyone in a uproar about this on either side just calm down, Harden didn’t mean anything by wearing the masks and said he was unaware of what it represented. “”Honestly, I wasn’t trying to make a political statement,” Harden said before the Rockets’ practice “It was just something that covered my whole beard,” Harden said. “I thought it looked cool. That was it.”

For everyone who was upset at Harden yesterday, relax the guy just wanted a mask that could cover up his whole beard.

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