Calling Out Racism

Calling Out Racism: Elementary School Teacher Bridgette Digerolamo of Baton Rouge, LA Arrested for Aggravated Assaulted for Brandishing a Firearm on an African American Family

Written by joe.breaux

A  Baton Rouge woman was arrested Monday evening after allegedly brandishing a gun at an African American family driving by her home because she said they were pushing water into her home during some flash flooding that took place Monday after severe thunderstorms rocked the Baton Rouge metro area.

According to an East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman, deputies responded to a 911 call on Confederate Ave around 11AM. The victim, Demetra Lewis claimed she was driving down the street when a woman exited her home with a baseball bat screaming, “Turn the fuck around, you’re causing my house to flood.” The victim provided police a cell phone video of the incident.

In an interview with a local tv station WAFB, Lewis stated the woman kept yelling and screaming at her then struck her truck with the baseball bat. Lewis then exited the vehicle to see if there was any damage. It was at this time when the suspect, Bridgette Digerolamo went back into the home and came out with the gun.

“I’m almost 50-years-old and I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life,” said Lewis.

“I try not to make things about race, but it’s hard to put it out of your mind. Immediately, it came across to me as if I could go another way or I didn’t live here, but I do live here. I needed to get on this street to get to my house,” Lewis told WAFB. 

Lewis went on to say that multiple cars drove down this street without incident but hers was the only one that seem to have been singled out.

Digerolamo, 38, was arrested and faces an aggravated assault with a firearm charge. According to police when questioned about what happened, she told deputies she feared for her life and that of her child’s. Lewis calls that impossible.

“She chose to come outside her house with a baseball bat and then go in her house and get a gun, so nowhere was her life even threatened. Our lives were threatened,” said Lewis.

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