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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: A Reminder That The RPG Got Buffed

You’re probably reading the headline and going, “bullshit, the RPG got nerfed dude, IW literally told us in the patch notes.” And for that I’ll say yeah, they did technically say that right here.

But what if I told you IW is shitty at telling us what they actually do in these patch updates? Because the info they give us is essentially 10% of a CliffNotes version instead of going in-depth as they should. Well thank God we got YouTubers to bail us out. It was discovered a few days ago by TheXclusiveAce that the RPG was buffed in various other departments but more testing was needed. Well, those tests came in and it turns out all of the launchers got an extensive rework, and most of these changes were flat out buffs.

For the TLDR version of this if you don’t wanna watch the video, the RPG got a very slight nerf to its max damage range, from 10m to 9m. A slap on the wrist if you will. The kicker is that the max damage, where the rocket explodes right by your foot instead of direct contact, changed from 150 to 250. So where before you couldn’t score a cheap one-hit kill on a fully armored opponent without a direct hit, now you can. This applies to the other launchers as well. The RPG got a small buff to its minimal damage from 30 to 50 but that range is ever so slightly smaller so take that as you will. The other launchers, especially the Pila, now go toe to toe with the RPG, besides the capacity, which hasn’t changed sadly. So you can still carry 6 fucking rockets with the RPG and spam them to kingdom come. So we lost another close-quarters monster in the akimbo Renetties and saw a buff to our worst enemy. Fucking great. At least Smitty can continue to rely on it.

Hopefully, IW will patch this asap but I highly doubt that. So prepare for even more RPG spam from sweaty Twitch streamers who think they’re cool, with no close-quarter weapons to help us. God have mercy on our souls. F.

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