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‘Call Me a B*tch Again’ Texas Women’s Basketball Player Cusses Out Louisville Player in Handshake Line (Video)

Written by Nate

Although this year’s men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament had a lot of entertainment in its first few days of play, the women’s side provided just about the same amount of thrills (and best moments) in its first couple days in.

On Twitter, a clip from a Second Round matchup between the Louisville Cardinals and the Texas Longhorns is going viral currently as Texas grad student Sonya Morris shared a bit of trash talk to Cardinals junior Hailey Van Lith (#10) after losing to Louisville, 73-51.

As you can see below, Morris allegedly shared her thoughts on the Van Lith’s play in the handshake line during their game Monday night. A couple other Twitter users replied in the tweet believing the Texas Longhorn said ‘call me a bitch again,’ then is moved aside by Van Lith.

While all the upsets and blue bloods losing may be the highlight of this year’s men’s Tournament, the trash talking could be the major highlight for the ladies side.

Fans would like to see more of these altercations in any Tournament, but after what happened with Michigan coach Juwan Howard in 2022 against Wisconsin, it’ll be a while before we see a skirmish in the line for entertainment purposes.

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