Barstool Sports Hotties With A Body

“Call Her Daddy’s” Alex Cooper Has Just Flaunted It All! @alexandracooper @callherdaddy

Written by Chris Powers

If you are a fan of Barstool Sports, you have probably heard of the podcast “Call Her Daddy” that is hosted by Alexandra Cooper and formerly Sofia Franklyn.

The duo split when Franklyn could not agree to terms with Barstool’s final contractual offer to her. Cooper accepted the deal, and was able to take back her intellectual property just recently and signed a $60 million dollar deal to take “Call Her Daddy” to Spotify for the next three years.

If you haven’t seen her social media posts, you’ve come to the right place as Cooper has no problem showing of her body. Here lately, she has left very little to the imagination with the bikinis she’s been sporting and see through bodysuit that she wore out the other night.

Be sure to check out the videos and pictures below to ee exactly what I’m talking about! Be sure to scroll through all the pictures in the Instagram posts!

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