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Call Her Daddy Girls Both Made Roughly $500K Each In First Year Of Podcasting With Barstool Sports, Now Becoming Ungrateful @stoolpresidente

The popular podcast Call Her Daddy which is hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn have been going through some crazy drama throughout the last two months.

From contract negotiations to losing some of their friendship, the popular podcast which is hosted on Barstool Sports might not be airing for a while.

Call Her Daddy hasn’t been on the air for roughly six weeks and I’m here to break down exactly why.

But to do so… I need to take you back to the start.

How Did Dave Find Call Her Daddy?

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports noticed an episode on Alex’s Instagram Feed. He knew of Alex and was following her because of her ex-boyfriend Noah Syndergaard. He reached out to Alex, which ended up leading to six to eight meeting’s between Alex and Barstool.

He didn’t really know who Sofia was. They talked about Call Her Daddy, the future and all the plans… At that time what also impressed Dave was that Alex edited her own podcast. That’s when they ended up locking up a deal with Alex, that’s when they noticed Sofia came with it. It’s a duo. They came to an agreement for them both to sign contracts.

At the time of signing them. Alex, Sofia, and their lawyers didn’t want to give over the IP, the ownership of Call Her Daddy. Barstool didn’t want to end up getting them big and having them leave right away, so they needed ownership of Call Her Daddy. At the end of the negotiations they ended up locking up a deal.

Original Contract

The original deal between Barstool Sports and the CHD girls was a 3 year contract.

  • $70,000 each.
  • Bonuses for Downloads
  • 7% of merch sales.

After six month’s Alex went into Dave’s office and asked for a raise. Dave ended up giving her a raise, but didn’t add the raise to Sofia.

“To be honest, I thought rightfully so. Alex is who I talk to all the time, who I found for the contract, the one doing all the editing. Sofia was just sorta along for the ride. At the beginning.” – Dave Portnoy

Ended up making after year 1:

The reports going around that they only made $70K this last year is completely untrue. With bonuses they both made roughly half a million dollars!!!! In the first year.

  • Alex: $506,000
  • Sofia: $461,000

Year 2 Contract Negotiations

Barstool realized that Call Her Daddy out performed the original contract that they signed. Instead of moving forward with in second year of the contract they decided to renegotiate to offer them more.

Dave received an email from Alex and Sofia, that he said ‘clearly wasn’t from them and was from a lawyer’ that basically said they wanted to redo this deal and that Call Her Daddy wasn’t represented properly when they signed the deal and would have never given Barstool the IP.

Barstool ended up on a conference call with the lawyer and the lawyer listed out a bunch of demands including:

  • $1,000,000 a year guaranteed for each of them.
  • Not to be known as ‘Barstool Sports employees but known as freelancers’
  • 50% of everything that they sold. Merch, ads, etc.
  • Give them back the full IP.

What did Barstool get in return? Nothing.

At that point Barstool cut off negotiations. Remember… Everyone wants the IP.

The Trail

After Dave started to cut off negotiations after the lawyers crazy demands, that’s when Call Her Daddy started The Trail. Which you’ve probably heard about. But it was ‘the trail’ of the final episodes on Barstool.

The Call Her Daddy girls/lawyers started shopping the podcast around to diffrent Networks.

Barstool was/is ready to sue them if they’re going to break the contract that they’re in.

Dave Portnoy Has Roof Top Meeting With CHD Girls In Middle Of Covid For New Contract:

Alex reached out to Dave after about a month of not posting new episodes to see if her and Sofia can meet up with him to talk about CHD and Barstool.

At the point, there was no deal done. But Dave realized that they’re losing out on lots of money not airing. So he offered them a deal he thought that they couldn’t turn down:

  • $500,000 guaranteed
  • Different bonuses like before that are better than they already had. (increase in merch)
  • Can leave after a year
  • 100% of IP
  • 80% of alcohol

They didn’t accept the deal.

Sofia Refused To Sign A New Deal

Sofia’s lawyers wouldn’t budge.

Alex reached out to Dave to let him know that she won’t ever sign a new deal. And whenever they get close to one that Sofia will keep uping it.

Alex was ready to do a deal multiple times and Sofia wouldn’t say anything.

Call Her Daddy Lied About Being Silenced

Dave Portnoy cleared the air that CHD was allowed to talk about everything going on.

Dave loves controvery.

Call Her Daddy was saying that they weren’t able to release episodes, or talk about what was going on. Which wasn’t true at all.

Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson who is now dating Sofia, is also an executive at HBO. He ended up coming into the mix. He was the person with all the lawyers and was shopping Call Her Daddy.

He’s the main reason that nothing got done. He hates Barstool and there is proof behind that. Barstool CEO Erika Nardini has had a meeting with Nelson in the past and he clarified he didn’t like Barstool.

Call Her Daddy Had A Deal Ready With Wondrey – The Fathers

Call her Daddy was going to start a new podcast with Wondrey. They were going to call the podcast “The Fathers”….

Barstool was ready to sue.

Alex wasn’t too happy because of how good the deal with Barstool was and wanted to get that deal done instead.

Feud Between Alex and Sofia

Barstool ended up offering Alex 75% of everything if Sofia wasn’t to come back and Alex stayed.

After sitting on the other deal Sofia was considering a new deal for a moment with BS but Alex didn’t want to budge back to 50% because of all that she does editing wise.

Barstool Offers Sofia Her Own Podcast

Barstool ended up offering Sofia her own podcast. After the feud between the two of them Barstool still wanted to have Sofia on the network so they offered her, her own show.

  • $500,000 guaranteed
  • Own the rights – 100%
  • Build her own brand.

Her podcast would be on The Call Her Daddy feed.

Will We See New Episodes Soon?

Honestly. Sadly. Probably not. The two girls have beef between them. Barstool isn’t too happy with what is going on but will let them speak and be the platform for their listeners.

But will they come back? What’s next?

Sign the contract for 1 year to own the right’s then leave. Why wouldn’t you?

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