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Butthurt Tedy Bruschi Whines Like A Baby Because Matthew Stafford Didn’t Want To Play For The Patriots

I used to have a lot of respect for Tedy Bruschi; was a stand up guy, won a few rings, survived a stroke. Well that respect is now completely gone. The former Patriots linebacker came out of his soft mickey mouse bubble that he’s in at ESBS and decided to make these comments on the local Boston station WEEI on how Matthew Stafford isn’t tough enough to play for the Patriots:

“He’s not tough enough to play here. He’s just not tough enough,” Bruschi said via “I don’t think he’s tough enough to be coached hard.

“Do you realize the mental toughness that Tom Brady had to have for 20 years to deal with Bill Belichick and that type of coaching? I mean, constant pressure every single day. Does Stafford sort of grab you as a guy who could handle that? I just don’t think so.

“He went to Sean McVay and his little best friend relationship and go have fun over there. That’s fine.”

LMAO. I think Tedy might’ve lost a few brain cells since his playing days, because these are the most egregious comments I’ve ever heard. This was most likely in response to the report last week that Stafford didn’t want to play for New England. So let’s dive in to how completely dumb Tedy is. First off, Tedy played for 13 seasons and Matthew has already played 12 (in Detroit no less) so it’s safe to that he’ll have a much longer career than the former Pats LB. Detroit is the grittiest city in the nation and if you play there for that long, let alone for one of the worst franchises in sports and being drafted to an 0-16 team, then you’re definitely not soft. Also, did Tedy already forget that Stafford played for Matt Patricia & ‘The Patriot Way’ for the last 3 fucking years?!? Plus, the Patriots brought back Patricia for some assistant role so why the fuck would Matthew want to be with him again? ‘Tedy’ must be a little butthurt especially seeing how much fun Tom and Gronk are having in Tampa. Bruschi will live and die by ‘The Patriot Way’ because he knows he’d be a nobody without Belichick and his defense, unlike Tom and Gronk who can still succeed elsewhere.

Now let’s get into Matthew’s actual physical toughness. He started every game this year while suffering an injured thumb, ribs, and ankle. He also has been dealing with back issues the past two years. And oh yeah, how can anyone ever forget the Browns game when he separated his shoulder and still threw the game winning TD:

Sorry ‘Tedy’ but if that’s not ‘toughness’ then idk what the fuck is. Go back to your soft ESBS losers on NFL Live and debate with ‘Sam’ Ponder on ‘goat vs baby goat’ and laugh at Rex Ryan’s lame as jokes. If ANYONE comes at our boy Matthew Stafford you best believe that I will completely trash you no matter who you are.

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