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Busta Rhymes Throws Drink at Woman After Getting his Butt Slapped by Her (Video)

Over the years, men have their fair share of getting humiliated or have something thrown at them after touching a woman inappropriately. However, rapper Busta Rhymes just showed that they can return the favor if women did the same thing too earlier this week.

In a couple various video posts on Twitter, you can see Rhymes with his entourage trying to get through a crowd in Las Vegas when a woman named Nikita Mathis comes from behind and gives him a subtle slap on the bottom, per

However, the 50-year-old rapper wasn’t pleased as he would throw his coffee or different drink right back to Nikita’s face.

Mathis would eventually apologize for touching Rhymes, calling it an ‘embarrassing stunt.’

There’s a lesson that is taught here. Regardless if you’re either a man or woman, it is not the best idea to be grabby at any celebrity for any occasion (taking selfies or autographs and such).

Just our two cents here.

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