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Business Insider Global Editor Doxed Dave Portnoy While Posting Police Report – “I’m Charged With Eating Cookies And Rumors Of Hanging Out With Girls” – Dave Portnoy

Written by TrevStone

This just got more interesting. We’ve been covering Barstool Sports content for years but the last couple of days have been wild. Dave Portnoy vs. Business Insider the fight that I didn’t think would be here in 2021, but here we go.

Yesterday an article was posted regarding Dave Portnoy’s sexual behavior but personally I’m very confused on how Portnoy did anything wrong during any of this. Basically making it seem like he isn’t able to hook up with anyone 18-25 which is 100% legal.

On top of everything, Business Insider Global Editor Nicholas Carlson, just now doxed Dave Portnoy by showing a police report and including his address in it. People who’ve had there address leaked in the past years have had situations happening leading to police officers showing up and people have even died in the past.

Carlson deleted the original tweet, but here is the tweet they posted with the address blocked off:

As you can see above, that is the police report that happened regarding this case.

This was Dave’s response:

I wonder if Twitter users ended up seeing the post and calling the police. Or what ended up happening. If I’m Portnoy at this point I’d be trying to figure out every legal action as possible.

In other news regarding this, earlier today Dave Portnoy called out Business Insider and Patrick Coffee for telling Barstool Sports advertisers that they should discontinue working with Barstool. After that Coffee made his Twitter account private in a weak move. Who else from Business Insider is going to start to hide? And start to delete tweets? At this point they all will.

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