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Bullshit in Buffalo: Police Report “Man Tripped” Reality Report: He Was Shoved

Written by Mike Rickard II

By now, the world has seen the video of the 75-year-old man who was knocked to the ground by Buffalo Police on Thursday during an after-curfew protest. What’s particularly disturbing about this is that the police reported the man tripped and fell while the video evidence strongly suggests otherwise (and yes, I’m being charitable when I say “strongly suggests” as in layperson’s terms he was knocked on his ass).

Buffalo’s Finest As someone who has lived in or near Buffalo his entire life (other than my 3.5 year stay in Con College out of state), I’m familiar with the Buffalo Police Department’s various antics. “Buffalo’s Finest” have repeatedly been caught in the usual wrong-doing that’s all too prevalent across the nation (as well as the court system’s “justice is blind, deaf, and dumb” attitude towards sanctioning police misconduct). There are numerous instances of Buffalo cops engaging in assorted fuckery, but today, let’s look at the mayor’s response to the clear discrepancy between what was reported by the police and what was caught on video.

“Buffalo’s Finest” have a sordid history of heavy-handed policing and incompetence

According to a story by local Buffalo news station WIVB:

He says there was a discrepancy between the video of a 75-year-old man being shoved and the information police sent out Thursday night.

Brown says this is because police were watching the event unfold from a monitor that didn’t show the full scope of officers pushing the man.

The List of Lies Let’s consider Mayor Brown’s response for a moment and rank it among some of the biggest lies in humanity.

The check is in the mail

 I had no idea that I was speeding.

I only use my internet connection at work for business purposes.

The new Boston album will be released soon.

I won’t come in your mouth

As incredible as these lies are, they’ve now been replaced by:

“police were watching the event unfold from a monitor that didn’t show the full scope of officers pushing the man” WE HAVE A WINNER

Lies, damned lies, and statistics police reports

I’ve lived in Buffalo. I worked as a crime victim advocate for eight years in the city’s highest crime neighborhood and dealt with the police routinely. This is nothing unusual. As many have observed, it makes you wonder what happens when the cameras aren’t on. Let me tell you-they don’t care.

Whether the 75-year-old man should have been protesting after curfew is irrelevant here. What’s relevant is that the police lied to cover up misconduct and now the mayor seems to be sticking up for them.

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