Build Your Dream Team With $10

Written by austenlange

PFF is in full force with the NFL offseason and with the precursor to Mount Rushmore Season they are bringing back the ole $10 tweet for engagement.

Well I fucking hate these but I KNOW the boner it gives you fantasy football nerd boys, so here is what I’d do.

QB: $1 Joe Burrow

Joe is a MOTHER FUCKING STEAL HERE. Only QB on the list to play in the Super Bowl and has been tried and tested as a BAD MOTHER FUCKER.

RB: $3 Austin Ekeler

Ekeler is a shift running back who is great and catching out of the backfield. His size is a little lackluster but I genuinely cannot care less. Dude is a DAWG and is hardly ever taken down with the first hit. Great add for Joey B to try and give him a Clyde Edwards-Hellaire type of guy.

WR: $2 CeeDee Lamb

CeeDee Lamb is a walking weapon. His utilization will sky rocket this season with the departure of Amari Cooper so I look to see him lead the Cowboys need at the WR1 position. And again, the value here is AWESOME.

WR: $4 Ja’Marr Chase

Ja’Marr is the best WR in this situation. Pound for pound, buck for buck, Chase is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. He broke the rookie receiving record and has an uncanny relationship with Joey B. I see this taking me over the edge to make my team elite.

I want all of you to rely with your choices so I can roast the fuck out of all you nerds for actually caring.

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