Buffalo Bills

Buffalo, Buffaloed The Game

Well I mean it’s not like Houston winning wasn’t expected. Only the Mets in MLB lose big games in such agonizing fashion. The Bills are like your ten year younger cousin at 11. You’re playing pickup basketball he makes a few lucky shots and is feeling himself. Then reality hits on who they really are and the older cousin dominates the paint for 21 straight points. The Bills give their fans such optimism all year that its different, they even jump out to a 16-0 lead with an amazing trick play.

The second half starts with J.J. Watt becoming the “older cousin” and making a big sack on third down starting an amazing td drive by Watson. But no the Bills can’t let their fans down that easy. It looks like the game is getting out of hand, momentum is all on the Texans and somehow even with stupid bone headed plays by josh Allen they tie the game to go to OT. They could just let Bills Mafia off easy, they had to prolong the inevitable. Of course they make the first stop in OT, maybe it’s their time finally. Nope offense can’t move the ball the Texans get the ball back and the Bills Buffaloed another playoff game. Death,Taxes, Bills losing big games that’s the only promises people.

Hey Bills fans always next year!!!!hahaha 1995 last win in the playoffs, most people didn’t own home computers, Scott Van Pelt had hair, kids played outside. No One Circles The Wagons Like The Buffalo Bills. We love you Bills Mafia.

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