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Buffalo Bills Playoff Win Exposes Wicked Weaknesses

Written by Mike Rickard II

The Buffalo Bills 27-24 nail-biter win over the Indianapolis Colts was a huge milestone in the franchise’s history, but the game exposed the team’s weaknesses and strengths, a sign the team might not fare so well in round two of the playoffs.

First off, congratulations to the Bills for their first playoff win since 1995. The Bills were in an incredible playoff drought (a record-setting 17 years) until recently, falling ass-backward into the playoffs in 2017 and earning a wild card spot last year. Not only that, but Saturday’s game was the first home game for a playoff in 24 years. However, the team is at the point where they should be doing more than making it to the playoffs, they should have one goal in mind-making it to the Super Bowl and winning that ever-elusive trophy.

The Bills first home playoff game since the Clinton administration.

I would argue that the Bills’ weaknesses are too much for the team to overcome this season and that short of an epiphany by the coaching staff, the team is in for a rough ride in round two. As I noted in my column, “The Bills Are Going to the Playoffs and Losing,” the Bills’ run game is non-existent and their run defense is pitiful. This was evident on Saturday when the Bills run game was spotlighted by Josh Allen as opposed to running backs Devin Singletary and Zack Moss. On the other hand, the Colts seemed to run the ball at will, and while that’s a bit of an overstatement, the Colts’ total rushing yards was deceptive as they had several incredible runs that made for fast scoring drives.

At this point, it’s unknown which AFC team is next for the Bills, but Buffalo will have to step up its defense against the run and find a way to earn some rushing yards without relying on Josh Allen (who I still think should be nominated as 2021’s Gerber Baby Food Ambassador given his babyface). As Saturday’s game demonstrated, you can only have Josh run the ball so many times before the defense catches on. While Josh is 6’5″ and tough, the Bills don’t want him getting hurt on a stupid rush play.

Despite these flaws, the Bills have an incredible pass game and despite Indy’s initial success in stifling Josh Allen, “The Kid” figured a strategy to get the job done. Allen has a number of talented offensive players to rely on as well as one of the better offensive lines in recent memory. Saturday’s game also featured a little good luck (which never hurts) and the Bills got the job done. It was a close win but as every fan knows, a win is a win.

I am excited about the Bills and while I’m doubtful they’re going much further, who can say for sure. More than one time has pulled made the unlikeliest of trips to the Super Bowl. As a jaded Bills fan, I’m enjoying this run for as long as it lasts.

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