Buddy Hield Proved Last Night That The Lakers Made A Mistake Not Trading For Him

Written by schultzyca

Buddy Hield was on a mission last night, if you do not live under a rock in the offseason the Lakers had a finalized with the Kings for Hield but backed out at the last second.

The Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook instead and it looks like Buddy took it personally. The Kings beat the Lakers in triple overtime and Hield went unconscious in the overtime frame.

I think Buddy would have been a better option over Westbrook because I don’t think Russ and LeBron are a great fit together but I guess it will never know. Last night was crazy Hield hit the game tying 3 and the game tying two just before the clock expired and LeBron missed two buzzer beaters to win the game.

Hield lead the Lakers to victory and it certainly begs the question should the Lakers have traded for Buddy?

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