Buck You, You Bucking Virus

Unlike most pro sports, the cowboys of the PBR can’t draw on big-dollar guaranteed contracts when they’re sidelined. In fact, bull riders aren’t on any contract. These hard-working athletes only get paid when they ride.

During the shut down amid the Coronavirus pandemic, riders are forced to find another way to make a living.

To help those who put everything on the line every time they get on a bull and nod their head to win prize money, but are now unable to do so, PBR has created and made available to fans a #BuckTheVirus T-shirt.

The shirt is available on the league’s online shop:

PBR says all proceeds after manufacturing costs will be directly channeled to “Protect the Ride” – a charitable fund setup within the Western Sports Foundation to help cowboys and their families who may be in need during these challenging times.

PBR is the primary supporter of WSF, an amazing organization which predominantly helps western athletes following a serious injury.

#BuckTheVirus as a shirt helping a good cause and a PBR hashtag is part of a bigger campaign called #BeatTheVirus, which calls advocates different things we can do to defeat COVID-19.

The website https://beatthevirus.org/ shares the great up to date information and social guidance.

You’ll see short, fun selfie videos for simple personal actions we can all take to slow the spread.

Fans are encouraged to record a performance (speak it, sing it, rhyme it, etc.) that commits you to doing your part to help us #BuckTheVirus by preventing the spread of COVID-19.

You can post your video on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Snap, TikTok, Facebook) with the hashtags #BuckTheVirus and #BeatTheVirus, and call on your followers and friends to record their own video with the hashtag.

Speak them, sing them or rhyme them in your own words, as we spread the word and try to stay safe.

If we all do our part, soon enough we’ll see life coming back to normal, including watching our favorite riders atop the rankest bulls.

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