Buccs Pursuing Gronkowski, The Old Band Could Be Back Together in Bay Area

It only made sense that Tom Brady would could to the Bay Area. No state income, warm weather, good weapons on the outside with Evans, Godwin. Not to mention an offensive minded head coach with great experience in Bruce Arians. Also TB12 and Tampa Bay is just way too good of a marketing genius move.

Yes they had two good Tight Ends with Brate and the young stud O.J. Howard. One or both might be traded to make room for the move to get Gronk. Howard would definitely fit the Patriots down field seem game. While Brate is as sure handed and smart of a tight end as there is in football. Look for these players to be in a traded or a pick and a pick coming back. The Buccs can’t keep all three but we will see what happens. This is a win win for both franchises.

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